March 14, 2017

2017 Spring League Welcome

Welcome 2017 Spring League! We are excited to get the season going this weekend.

Below you’ll find a few reminders, team rosters, captains, and color assignments. We’ve also included the full season schedule and the league rules. Please read through everything carefully and email Cam ( ( back with any questions. Otherwise, just expect to hear from your captains via email sometime in the next few days, and get pumped to play!


  • We may not have jerseys ready for the first game, so make sure to bring a white shirt and a dark shirt, plus water and tennis shoes or turf shoes (NO CLEATS are allowed on SCOR’s fields)
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled game to meet your team and sign a waiver
  • All games are on the large indoor field at SCOR (Sports Center of Richmond)


In-bounds and out-of-bounds

  • The walls and ceiling are out-of-bounds.
  • The nets, team boxes, ceilings, and soccer goal are out-of-bounds; the opposing team will establish a pivot where the disc lands or where it crosses the perimeter.
  • The end-zone lines are not a part of the end-zone itself (the line is OUTside the end-zone).
  • The brick mark for when a pull lands out of bounds is the point on the center circle closest to your own goal line

Time restricted pulls

  • Pulls must occur within twenty-five seconds of the previous score. By the 20 second mark after each point, the defense must raise their hand and the offense have until the 25 second mark to raise their hand to indicate readiness.
  • Penalty: If the defensive team does not raise their hand within the 20 seconds, the offensive team can take the disc at half-field.
  • Penalty: If the offensive team does not raise their hand within the 25 seconds, the defensive team may pull the disc without a signal of readiness from the offense.


  • 25 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime and 8 minutes between games
  • Each half will end at the sound of the timer or at the indication of the scorekeeper. If a disc is in the air as the timer goes off, the half will end immediately following the completion of the play.
  • Score and time will be kept by “scorekeepers” and can be viewed on the wall
  • No time-outs
  • All injuries and calls within the last 30 seconds of the game will stop the clock until the disc is checked back in

Ties will stand in the regular season, but in the playoffs play will continue until there is a result.

All other rules (pick, foul, travel, etc.) apply according to the 11th edition rule book, including substitutions.


Alternates will be solicited to play starting Sunday, March 19 and will be handled on a week-by-week basis. If you would like to put your name in the pool for alternates throughout the span of the league (3/19-5/14, games 1-4pm), please email and CC by Thursday, 3/16 at 8pm. For this first week, please note if you’re available THIS Sunday, 3/19. We will place alternates first-come first-served on teams until spots are filled. We will inform alternates of placements by as soon as possible on Friday or Saturday.

In subsequent weeks, we will send out an email to all alternate candidates (instead of the whole Richmond Ultimate community), indicating how many total spots will be available among all the teams for the Sunday at hand. If you are available and interested in playing, communicate that to us, again, no later than 8pm on the prior Thursday. If you end up not being able to serve after all, please email us ASAP so that teams are not left hanging and other alternates get a chance to play.

Ultimately, alternate assignments and decisions are up to the Co-Commissioners, as sometimes unforeseen or extenuating circumstances may require last-minute adjustments. Registered, drafted players assigned to a team are NOT eligible to serve as an alternate unless there are extenuating circumstances, as determined by the Co-Commissioners.

There is no cost/risk to you for being an alternate. You only pay if you get to play. Richmond Ultimate will charge you $10 for the first game, and $8 for each additional game. Payment is due before gametime, no exceptions. (You may pay via PayPal to or pay cash to Cam Barnhardt or Hayley SooHoo at SCOR. If you pay via PayPal, bring your confirmation receipt to SCOR with you).


Forest Green

Jeremy Allegood
Chris Barker
Matt Barker
Jason Brooks
Ben Broser
Devon Cassiday
Alex Dahlgren
Leigh Donahue
Peter Helmore
David Mai
Hanna Ornell
Laura Pape
Becky Seidel
Cole Tribble
Taylor Young

Hot Pink

Austin Bartenstein
Isaac Bernstein Miller
Emma Byrne
Bryan Chase
Hana Choi
Françoise Delisle
Melanie Felix
Daniel Fowler
Billy Harmon
Meeta Prakash
Lily Pressman
Richard Raabe
Dan Reed
Rajeev Tiwari

Royal Blue

Scott Andrews
Gladys Balcarcel
Greg Banks
Raquel Bobby
Garrett Braun
Brett Butler
Rebecca Butler
Lisa Dang
Jackson Downs
Matthew Reynolds
Paul Reynolds
Will Spiller
Caroline Tsui
Sara Wilson


Gina Barber
Cam Barnhardt
Heather Burton
Jes Carr
Bailee Crisinati
Dayo Fashoyin
Megan Guinn
Jameson Hinkle
Patrick Martin
Jamal Menzies
Chris Naruto
Morgan Robinson
Kevin Sahli
Hayley SooHoo
Brock Yenglin


Yannick Albert
Thomas Bannard
Michelle Barbosa
Nathan Blyler
Clayton Breen
Nicole Broder
Andrew di Stefano
Tim Jackson
Lauren Lieske
Justin Morrison
Aaron Reynolds
Ali Rockett
Natalie Thomas
Mark Walsh


Geoffrey Bernardo
Mary Bernardo
Sean Boyce
Mic Brunner
Caylin Carbonell
Andrew Dickerson
Connor Dietz
Jack Field
Adam Hardell
Heather Jaros
Olivia Laughter
Josh Reynolds
Mary Helen Simpson
Aaron Young

SCHEDULE (no games 4/16):


1pm – Hot Pink vs Royal Blue

2pm – Charcoal vs Cardinal

3pm – Purple vs Forest Green


1pm – Royal Blue vs Purple

2pm – Charcoal vs Hot Pink

3pm – Cardinal vs Forest Green


1pm – Purple vs Charcoal

2pm – Forest Green vs Royal Blue

3pm – Hot Pink vs Cardinal


1pm – Purple vs Hot Pink

2pm – Cardinal vs Royal Blue

3pm – Forest Green vs Charcoal


1pm – Charcoal vs Royal Blue

2pm – Hot Pink vs Forest Green

3pm – Cardinal vs Purple


1pm – Forest Green vs Purple

2pm – Cardinal vs Charcoal

3pm – Royal Blue vs Hot Pink


1pm – 3rd Place vs 6th Place

2pm – 4th Place vs 5th Place

3pm – 2nd Place vs Winner of 2:00

4pm – 1st Place vs Winner of 3:00


1pm – 6th Place vs 4th Place

2pm – 3rd Place vs 5th Place

3pm – 2nd Place vs 1st Place

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