January 21, 2018

2018 Indoor Spring League Registration

Richmond Ultimate has opened registration for our Indoor Spring League.

Games will be held from noon to 3 p.m. Sundays starting March 4 and ending with finals on April 29. There will be no games on Easter, April 1. We’ll be playing at SCOR off Overbrook Road on turf – no cleats are allowed.

For those who have played in this league before, there are a few changes this year so continue reading to find out how we’ve upped playing time. If you are new to our league, welcome!

We are introducing continuous play with hockey subs – that means minimal stoppages of play. Here’s how it works: Games will be 50 minutes broken into two 25-minute halves. There will be a running clock and teams will sub on the fly, tagging on and off of the field. Clock stoppages will only occur in the last minute of play. After a goal, the scoring team will drop the disc and assume defensive play. The team now on offense has seven seconds to begin play by bringing the disc to the front of the end zone or check it in where it lies. Stall is to seven.

There will be six teams. Gender ration is 2/3.

The league fee is $68, and covers all eight games, a jersey and insurance. Players with a current USAU membership receive a $16 discount because their insurance costs are already covered.

We are pleased to offer an additional $15 discount for CURRENT COLLEGE ​WOMEN’S ​PLAYERS through Richmond Ultimate Women’s Outreach.

Don’t wait too long to sign up. Registration closes Feb. 5.

Registration link: https://goo.gl/s967K5

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