The mission of Richmond Ultimate is to promote the disc sport of Ultimate in and around the city of Richmond, Virginia, coordinating and facilitating play at all skill levels to the fullest extent possible.

We believe that the sport of Ultimate is as good an outlet for exercise and camaraderie as somebody can find. Accordingly, we are devoted to spreading our love for the game to those in our community—hoping that more and more people of all ages discover the love for it that we have.

Richmond Ultimate is governed by a working board of directors, which meets monthly, that is led by four elected officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary) serving two-year terms and consists of several committees: RUYO, RU Women’s, and RU Digital Committee.

Current Board:

Chris Bowling, President:

Chris has been playing ultimate since 2003 playing for numerous teams including LC Bird, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth, Richmond Floodwall and Virginia Squires and Coaching VCU for 3 years. He has been active in the Richmond Ultimate community as a player, volunteer, and captain and officially joined the board in 2016 and is currently also a co-commissioner for the summer league.

Ali Rockett, Vice President:

Ali Rockett joined Richmond Ultimate in 2016 upon moving to Richmond. Previously, Ali lived – and played – in Williamsburg and Hampton, and helped run a league there, where she developed a passion for growing the sport. Ali began playing in 2012 after a co-worker, now boyfriend, took her to a pick up game in Fayetteville, N.C. She’s been chasing a Frisbee around ever since, and it has taken her all over the country. She’s served as a Summer League Captain, Tournament Director and member of the Richmond Ultimate Youth Outreach committee. Ali is excited about the opportunity to grow ultimate in RVA.

Hayley SooHoo, Treasurer

Hayley started playing Ultimate very casually during her time at the College of William & Mary, and slowly increased her involvement and interest in it after moving to Richmond in 2012. After a couple years of Richmond Ultimate’s Spring and Summer Leagues, she decided to become more active as a volunteer as well as a participant. She has served as a league commissioner, tournament volunteer, women’s outreach committee member, and now, Treasurer of Richmond Ultimate.

Jake Belvin, Secretary

Matt Goff, Member at Large:

“Matt Goff” joined Richmond Ultimate in 2010 after learning of and playing Ultimate at the University of Florida. Matt has served as a Spring League Captain, Summer League Captain, League Commissioner, Tournament Director, Secretary, and Vice President for Richmond Ultimate. As President, Matt wants to establish a sustainable Ultimate scene and continue growing the Ultimate community.

Rachel Hinson, RUYO Committee Chair

Caylin Carbonell, RUWO Committee Chair

Ray Heath Jr., RU Digital Committee Chair

Leigh Donahue, Social Media/Sponsorship:

Leigh joined Richmond Ultimate in 2009. She started her ultimate career playing for the University of Richmond Redhots, and has played in various coed leagues since 2008 in both Charlottesville and Richmond. She has also been a member of mixed and women’s club teams based out of RVA. Leigh is excited to help out with social media and photography for RU’s Digital committee.

Sarah Steadman, RU Women’s Committee:

Sarah Steadman joined Richmond Ultimate in 2013 after playing pick up Ultimate for years and joining Rebellion, the regional women’s club team.  Sarah has served as a Spring League Captain, Summer League Captain, League Commissioner, Tournament Director, founding Youth Outreach committee member, and current Women’s Outreach committee chair for Richmond Ultimate.  As an active board member, Sarah wants to establish a  sustainable and inclusive Ultimate community.


Gladys Balcarcel, At-Large Member

Gladys joined Richmond Ultimate in 2011 after playing for L.C. Bird High School’s G-Team. She played in college for VCU and currently plays for the local women’s club team, VA Rebellion. She has served as a Spring League Captain, Tournament Director, and Women’s Outreach Committee Member for Richmond Ultimate. Gladys wants to provide more opportunities to build and further develop the women’s college scene in the RVA area.

Christopher Naruto, At-Large Member

Brian Brown, Website

If you have general inquires about getting involved or are ready to get involved, please email help@richmondultimate.com. Thank you!