League Baggage


  1. No baggage is guaranteed
  2. Any baggage must be accompanied with a written request
  3. This written request must be more than just stating a name. both parties must request baggage and at least one of them must include a sentence or two of why they are requesting baggage.


  1. Must be a new player pairing with a known friend or partner ( to facilitate new people joining)
  2. Must be married or family members under the age of 18 (all but 1 member of baggage must be under the age of 18)
  3. Other (Ability to write in and explain why they should be bagged together and is up to the discretion of the commissioners to see if they will allow)
  4. If needed to bolster women’s count: someone who has already signed up and on waiting list, they may baggage with a female that would otherwise not sign up to increase the number of women in the league


  • Married in this definition is to mean married, engaged, life partners or civil unions
  • New player means anyone who has played for 3 years or less that would inhibit or prevent them from playing or joining the league if they are unable to play with someone they know
  • Players would lose “new player” status upon completion of at least one season in college or club (at any location, a richmond location is not mandatory)

Examples of what will NOT be accepted:

  • We drive together from out of town(this is negated by all games being played at all the same time and location)
  • We played on high school/college/club together (unless you meet the above criteria, this is not enough of a reason to be baggage)
    family members over the age of 18, that do not meet “New player” status
  • “I want to play with this person”