Cost Transparency

Where does my money go?

Registration fees for leagues, hat tournaments, and other events go almost entirely toward necessary expenses such as:

  • Field/facility expenses (which can cost up to $150/hour)
  • Equipment (jerseys provided to every participant, water coolers, cones, discs, etc.)
  • Insurance & sanctioning through USA Ultimate (which provides an insurance option for players who are injured during play or at the event)
  • Modest financial incentives for organizers and volunteers, such as tournament directors, league commissioners, and day-of or season-long volunteers. The RU board, including executive officers, doesn’t receive any money for their time.

Any remaining income is invested back into Richmond Ultimate to grow the sport in the community. Examples of these initiatives include our Women’s Combine, youth league, Developmental League, Gender Equity Summit, and Captain &Coach’s Clinics.

While it may seem expensive at times, the cost of leagues are fairly low compared to similar sports leagues like soccer, or social rec leagues like dodgeball or kickball. Most RU events barely break even, or operate at a deficit, with a few key events and programs making enough to keep us steady & grow at a small rate to invest in and grow our programs to reach more people and achieve better results.

All of our financial records are open for review by our membership, and are discussed at each monthly board meeting, also open to any RU participant. If you’d like to know more about how RU is run, feel free to come to a meeting or contact