March 13, 2017

RU Gender Equity Summit

Richmond Ultimate is hosting an open meeting for women and men interested in discussing gender equity in the ultimate community, and particularly how RU can support equity in its leagues and events.

We will be meeting from 4-6pm on Sunday, March 26th in the Meeting Room of SCOR. All RU members are encouraged to attend this grass-roots event, and league captains are highly urged to participate. After introductions and some initial framing conversation, there will be a number of small group discussions around specific topics, followed by a larger group dialogue with opportunities for feedback and new ideas.

If you are interested in helping to moderate one of the small group discussions, please email – you can also get in touch to ask questions and share your ideas and/or feedback!

And don’t forget to connect with the event on Facebook!

For pre-read materials, please utilize the below links:

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