May 29, 2016

RUYO Volunteer Incentive Program

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Looking to earn money for your college, club or pick up team this summer?  

RUYO is organizing the Volunteer Incentive Program to continue fostering Youth Ultimate in Richmond via coaching from some of our most talented players, YOU!

How does it work?

You and your team members look for opportunities to volunteer with RUYO. Join the RUYO Facebook page to get updates and make sure you are on the RichmondUlty email list serve. Email for details as well.

How is money awarded?

The top three participating groups will earn money towards their Ultimate needs based on the points they earn.

How do we earn points?

For every person that participates in an event, 1 point is awarded for full time and ½ point for half the event.

How is the money divided? 

We look at the top 3- 1st will get more than 2nd and 3rd, which get equal amounts.

Who can earn money?

Anyone who is part of an Ultimate team or group that is not a member of the RUYO organizing committee.


Don’t see an opportunity that you can participate in but you WANT to participate?  Tell us what you want to create! We want to work with you and your team to create/facilitate an event that will promote the mission of RUYO.  (Example: play day at a school or camp, fundraising, etc. )

Email for more information.

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